06 Mar

Why to upgrade the electrical panels



Electrical panels play an important role in uninterrupted power supply in electrical circuits. Sometimes upgrading the electrical panels become necessary for safety and uninterrupted power supply in circuits. Below paragraphs give brief information about importance of upgrading electrical panels.   (more…)

22 Feb
Gas generators

Diesel generators and gas generators – Basic differences


Today the cost of fuel is high and everyone want to choose the cost effective fuel for using in various engines and machines. In India due to power cut problem not only in rural areas but also urban areas people prefer to use diesel generators in place of gasoline. (more…)

07 Feb
led panel

LED Light Panels and its Features


LED panel is a cutting-edge, ultra-thin, light source, offering lighting solutions for a diversity of applications comprising: display lighting, architectural lighting, retail lighting, interior lighting as well as lighting graphics. LED panels, is obtainable directly functional to the opal diffuser associated to the high-impact or no ultra-thin light source through a simple graphical front panel graphics. (more…)

22 Jan
electrical services

Kenco Electric- provides electric services and supplies with high quality and safety standards

Safety and quality are the most important factors in electric services and Kenco Electric is dedicated to provide their services according to Government’s safety & quality standards. Established before more than 10 years ago, Kenco Electric has got a good reputation as one of the best recognized electric contractors and suppliers of India. (more…)