10 Aug
Electrical-Safety for kids

Electrical Safety for Kids

Most parents  tend  to  forget to  sensitize  their children on  how  to handle  electricity  and  the  various  electrical appliances. However, the truth is  that  there  are  various but simple  rules  that  many  children should  be made aware  of  when it  comes to  the  handling  of  both  electricity and  electrical appliances. The  most  common mistake amongst  children who  fall    below  that  age  of  four  years is  the   sticking  of  various objects  inside electrical outlets. Parents  should  caution their  children from the  dangers  of  being electrocuted  by   using  electrical  covers  to  cover every openings in an electrical appliance. Those  who  are  lover  five  years  of  age  and  whose  understanding  is  of  age  can be  talked to and  made  to  understand the  various  risks  that they might  predispose  themselves  to  by sticking objects into electrical outlets and appliances. (more…)

03 Aug
electrical contractor

An Introduction to Electrical Service Company

An electrical service company can either work for commercial or residential clients. These electrical services call for different experience and skills and therefore vital to cooperate with a company that is licensed and fully insured. Home and business owners can hire an electrical service company to deal with stuff such as repairs and various upgrades in homes, offices and business premises. (more…)

28 Jul
electrical installer

The Electrical and Electronic Installer

An electrical and electronic installer operates repairs and tests any tools or equipment that use electronic technology. For one to be eligible as an installer in this sector, a high level and exposure in electronics is required. One needs to attend an institution that offers courses in electronic technology and accredited as a necessary requirement for an electrical technician qualification. (more…)

10 Jul
solar light for storage

Solar Lighting for Your Storage Shed

Most people often prefer having an alternative lighting system when it comes to their storage shed. The storage shed may be in the form of a general storage area, workshop or even a detached garage. In such situations, one may find themselves in a fix and unable to install lighting in the storage shed and here is where the solar light comes into aid. (more…)