06 Dec

Choose the Right Feeder Pillar for a Secured Electrical Connection

Electricity is a key component that we use daily in our activities. Wrong connection and distribution of electricity can however become hazardous to us and the electrical appliances besides being expensive and inefficient. Feeder Pillars are the solutions to constant connection problems; they are designed to hold different apertures that have specific power requirements to each component in the house. They thus eliminate the conventional wire connections by acting a power box where all power consumption units draw their power. (more…)

23 Nov
electrical services

Getting Right Electrical Services Providers by Easy Way

Today there is no life without electricity but it may be potentially dangerous if electricity services are not done properly and by experts. Therefore, it is very essential that you always hire an expert and recognized electrical company for electrical services to avoid any accident. So you must identify the right electrical services provider. This not very difficult task just you should know about the following points. (more…)

14 Nov

Electrical Control Panel Design Basic

The electrical control panel designs are simple which makes it easy to maintain and operate them. Cost is a major factor when choosing the electric control panel but simpler operator controls, reliable operation, and an attractive appearance are also major concerns. It is vital to know what exactly you want and your control panel design requirements. It is also important to write down your requirements and rewrite them in an organized manner before proceeding with the process. (more…)

04 Nov
cable joint

Cable Jointing – Design and Personal Requirements

Optimized cable jointing system is highly recommended although it is vital to look for quality joints which have a proven underground system and with a voltage range of up to 3300V. Cooper or aluminum conductors should be used. They should be up to 630mm XPLE insulated cable, PVC unarmored, PVC sheath armored or PVC insulated cables.  A sequential design process should be used when designing the cable jointing system so as to improve their lifespan and need no maintenance. (more…)