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Independent Feeder

An independent feeder is a direct feeder or line system from the power substation or powerhouse to the user. As the name implies, it has only one user that makes the most of the energy transmitted. If you’re looking for reliable independent feeder installation services, we are here to assist you with the best available services in the industry. With rich experience and skills, our team has successfully catered to different needs and expectations of our clients and rendered 11KV to 33KV independent feeders accordingly.

What is the Purpose of Independent Feeder?

Independent feeders are well-structured to cater to the power needs of all types of industries. The main reasons for opting power supply through an independent feeder are as follows; they most likely acquire a more stable power supply, the power disturbance can be reduced, and they could ease better open access facilities.

We suggest supplies of 3MVA and above should be transmitted through independent feeders with the distribution of meters at both ends. Our experts will inquire about the difference of more than 3% between readings of both meters installed, and corrective actions will be taken. According to your supply needs or any limitation on the power, we can install the well-suited feeder to transmit energy effectively.

Why Should You Invest In an Independent Feeder?

If you have used a mixed feeder in the past or know how they function, there is no way you won’t find an independent feeder a much better option. Usually, mixed feeders have several users linked one the same line. At times, there are more than 150 users on a singer feeder, which can lead to various problems like power interruption, power outages, and other unexpected errors. If there will be a small fault in a mixed feeder, like a fuse blowout, then the whole distribution utility needs to disconnect the line to fix the defect. Moreover, you may further need to run the diesel generator set during any power interruption that will lead to higher energy costs. Thus, it is only a smart investment to get an ideal independent feeder.

Major Benefits of Independent feeders are:

● No electrical failure on account of line.
● Decrease running of diesel generator sets, leading to energy cost savings.
● Constant power supply most of the time, which eliminates material wastages.

Acquire Reliable & Cost-effective Independent Feeder from Us

We take pride in installing independent feeders in various industries and catering to different needs of our esteemed clients. Our experts will inform you of the complete installation process along with the factors on which the cost of an independent feeder depends. We ensure to keep our relationship absolutely crystal clear with our customers, which allow us to build a steady clientele in the market.

Before offering you our services, we will recommend checking if you’re technically eligible to have an independent feeder. If technical and economic viability is there, you can undoubtedly acquire our reliable and cost-effective independent feeder.

Types of Independent feeder Available

Conventional Power Feeder: It is the most commonly employed feeder that contains three ACSR conductors operating through poles. The prime benefit of such feeders is that it is quite easy to detect faults and fix them. In industrial estates or crowded areas, you can see some conventional independent feeders supply power to respective users.

Underground Cable Feeder: Another most prominent type of feeder seen laid around in the industrial sectors. It is further divided into two subtypes. In the first, the cable is set in shallow trenches by manually digging in the ground. It is quite affordable to employ, but highly vulnerable to being punctured often. In the second type, it is laid 9 to 12 feet underground by using horizontal drilling machines. It is much more expensive but comparatively safer.

XLPE Cable on Poles: It is a type of independent feeder that is by far the easiest and safest to locate and fix errors. Most of our clients prefer this independent feeder for their usages.

Owing to our industry experience and knowledge, we will gladly help you choose the most suitable independent feeder. Our independent feeder installation services are fit for every budget and needs.

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