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Power Cable &
Cable Trays
Power Cable & Cable Trays

Power cables are installed as permanent wiring inside buildings, buried in the ground, exposed in open or run overhead. Consider any project, a plant, a data center, or an institution, you need an abundant supply of power, and even power distribution is essential for any operation. Imagine how vastly big networks and areas would be impacted if the power supply were suddenly interrupted. To avoid such power cable issues, we offer reliable cable tray installation services that lead to effective operations. Rely on our certified experts to install your power cable and tray professionally. We also provide the cable with stack and rack abilities to ensure quick and easy installation.

Why Do You Need Power Cable & Cable Tray?

A power cable refers to an electrical cable that is a congregation of one or more electrical conductors. It is generally clasped together with an all-inclusive sheath. The group is employed for the transference of electrical power. Our experts can install permanent wiring inside any property, buried in the ground, run overhead, or completely exposed.

When we install electrical wiring in a building, a suitable cable tray system is employed to support insulated power cables utilized for various purposes like power distribution, communication, and control. Our experts use cable trays as a perfect alternative to open wiring or snaking massive bundles of wires together. The primary purpose of cable trays is cable management in both commercial and industrial construction.

They are instrumental in situations where changes to a particular wiring system are predicted. We can install new power cables by putting them in the existing tray, rather than pulling them through a pipe.

Types of Power Cable & Cable Tray

Make sure to explore these types before you pick a power cable & cable tray. Here are some of the power cables available:

Modern High-voltage Cables: Such cables employ polyethene or various other polymers, containing XLPE for insulation. As they special techniques for jointing and terminating, we have a team of experts who are well-versed with high-voltage cables.

Multi-Conductor Cables: It is a type of power cable that has a bare or insulated bonding or grounding wire. It is used to acquire a secure connection to earth ground. The role of the grounding conductor is to link equipment enclosures to the ground for safety from electric shock.

Electrical Power Cables: This type of cable is usually installed in raceways, involving cable trays and electrical conduit, which sometimes include one or more conductors.

Hybrid Cables: It includes conductors to control signals and may also contain optical fibers for data.

Here are some of the cable trays available:

Solid-bottom Tray: It is employed to offer the maximum protection to cables, but also needs cutting of the tray or using fittings to enter or exit cables.

Ventilated Tray: As the name suggests, it has some openings in the bottom part of the tray. Such openings allow the air circulation throughout the cable and water drainage, which leads some dust to fall out. If small cables exist in the tray through the ventilation openings, our experts can either slot or punch holes in the bottom part of the tray.

Ladder Tray: It allows cables supported by a traverse bar similar to the rungs of a ladder at constant intervals on the order of 4 to 12 inches.

Lighter Tray: It is perfect for areas where numerous small cables are utilized like telephone or computer network cables.

Channel Tray: It offers economical support for cable drops and branch cables operate from the backbone cable tray systems. Our experts suggest installing this type with a limited number of tray cables.

Benefits of Power Cable & Cable Tray

Aside from making a less unattractive visual and environmental impact that produces massive opposition from local communities, our cost-effective power cables and cable trays have numerous benefits:

● Cable trays significantly consume less time to install and are easy to set up with more than one wire. In situations where you need to replace or change the wiring system, cable trays allow the addition of new cables and get them running in no time.
● Another massive benefit of cable trays is that they most likely need notably less maintenance.
● It is also a lot easier and quicker to identify a cable problem with a tray.
● A power cable can withstand conductor temperature of up to 2500C even during a short circuit.
● It can absorb emergency power loads, along with managing lower transmission losses.

Acquire Cost-effective Solutions Offered By Us

When you need a power cable and cable tray for any application, our experts will be at your service with the right type of solutions. Depending on your power cables & cable trays needs, we offer you installation services for safe and reliable industrial operations. You won’t be disappointed by the performance of our cables and trays since we plan and execute the installations sequence of activities beforehand.

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