Putting an End To Car Break-Ins Before They Happen: 8 Tips for Car Security [Ending Car Break-Ins Before They Happen]

Theft Of Your Vehicle And The Items Kept Within It Can Be Prevented, Though, If You Take A Few Elementary Precautions In Advance. Here Are The Steps:

If You Have Ever Been The Victim Of A Car Break-In, You Are Familiar With The Sickening Sensation You Get When You Return To Your Vehicle And Discover Its Doors Open And Its Contents Scattered About The Seats, Or If You Return To Find Your Car Has Been Totally Stolen. The Following, Unfortunately, Takes Place More Frequently Than You Might Think:

According To The Fbi, There Have Been More Than 700,000 Reports Of Stolen Motor Vehicles In The United States Year 2019. The Number Of Persons Who Have Had Goods Stolen From Their Vehicles Is Difficult To Determine Due To The Fact That It Is Frequently Underreported; However, It Is Believed To Be Much More Common Than The Theft Of Vehicles Themselves.

Always Remember To Keep Your Car Doors Secured And Your Windows Up.

When You Are Not In The Car, It Is Important To Remember To Lock The Doors And Close The Windows In Order To Secure Your Vehicle From Potential Thieves.

Thefts Of Property Are Frequently Crimes Of Opportunity. Thieves Can Easily Be Drawn In By Things Like Unguarded Doors And Windows, Or They Are Given The Chance To Act Discretely And Stealthily If The Doors And Windows Are Unlocked. If The Would-Be Thief Cannot Rapidly Obtain Access To Your Vehicle, There Is A Good Chance That They Will Simply Move On.

Put Your Car Keys Somewhere Safe.

It Is Much Easier For A Criminal To Take A Vehicle If They Have Access To The Key To That Vehicle. For Instance, During One Month In The Year 2020 In Austin, Texas, 72 Percent Of The 322 Cars That Were Stolen Had Their Keys Concealed Nearby.

First And Foremost, You Should Never, Under Any Circumstances, Leave Your Keys In Your Vehicle, Not Even If You Are Only Going Into A Convenience Shop Or Some Other Site For A Minute Or Two. Second, Be Wary About The Location In Which You Store Your Extra Key. If You Keep Your Extra Key In A Visible Location Either Inside Or Outside Of Your Vehicle, Potential Burglars Will Have An Easier Time Stealing Your Vehicle.

And Thanks To The Push-Start Technologies That Newer Automobiles Offer, A Thief Wouldn’t Even Need To Find The Key In The Vehicle In Order To Drive Away With It; It Would Be Sufficient That The Key Was There In Order To Drive Away With It.

Place your vehicle in a safe location.

Take Extra Precautions When Deciding Where To Park Your Vehicle. If At All Feasible, You Should Park Your Vehicle In A Locked Garage That Is Not Open To The General Public. This Garage Might Be Your Own, Or It Could Be A Company Garage That Requires A Key Fob To Enter.

When You Are Forced To Park Your Vehicle Outside, You Should Be Picky About Where You Leave It. First, You Should Search For Well-Lit Areas That Are Likely To Discourage Would-Be Thieves. Steer Clear Of Isolated Spots Where A Burglar Might Be Able To Sneak Up On Your Vehicle Without Anyone Noticing.

Last But Not Least, Especially When It Comes To Parking Lots, Search For Locations That Are Directly Beneath A Surveillance Camera Or Another Type Of Security Device. The Simple Thought Of Being Seen On Camera Is Often Enough To Deter A Person From Committing A Theft.

Take Anything Of Value Out Of The Vehicle.

Potential Thieves May Be Enticed To Break Into A Vehicle If It Contains Valuables That Are Plainly Visible Inside. It Is Important To Remember Not To Leave Your Handbag, Phone, Or Any Other Valuable Belongings In Your Vehicle.

You Should Also Avoid Keeping Shopping Bags Or Other Types Of Luggage In Your Vehicle, As This Can Give The Impression That There Is Anything New Or Important There, Even If The Bags Contain Nothing But Groceries Or Are Empty. You Might Also Try Storing Your Things In The Trunk Of Your Automobile As An Alternative Option. Think About Getting A Cargo Cover For Your Truck Or Suv If It Has A Cargo Compartment Where You Can Store Things.

Make sure the wheels of your vehicle are always protected.

It’s possible that learning that the wheels of your car can also be stolen will come as a surprise to you. According to one estimation, thieves make off with almost one million dollars’ worth of tires annually. Why? They have the potential to be removed easily and fast, and their resale value is great, particularly when it comes to more expensive models.

Protecting the wheels on your vehicle not only makes it more difficult for a thief to steal the wheels themselves, but it also makes it less likely that the thief will be able to drive off with your vehicle. Lug nut locks and wheel clamps are two examples of devices that can be used to secure the wheels of your vehicle.

However, wheel clamps are likely only worth the inconvenience they cause in situations in which you will be leaving your vehicle unattended for an extended period of time or in locations that have an especially high rate of criminal activity.

Put The Alarm On In Your Vehicle.

These Days, An Alarm System Is Standard Equipment In The Majority Of Vehicles. The Automobile Will Emit A Loud Noise Once The Alarm Is Tripped, Which Is Typically Caused By Someone Opening The Car Door Or Attempting To Turn The Car On When The Alarm Is Already Activated.

A Potential Robber Will Usually Avoid An Area With This Level Of Noise Because They Do Not Want The Attention That An Alarm Draws. In The Event That Your Automobile Does Not Come Equipped With A Factory Alarm, Or If You Do Not Believe That The Alarm’s Level Of Protection Is Adequate, You Have The Option Of Purchasing A Separate Aftermarket Alarm.

Put In Place The Necessary Precautionary Measures.

Simple Preventative Measures Such As Locking Your Doors, Rolling Up Your Windows, And Parking In Well-Lit, Well-Traveled Areas Would, In The Vast Majority Of Instances, Be Sufficient To Deter Thieves From Breaking Into Or Stealing Your Vehicle. However, There Are A Few Different Kinds Of Safeguards Available For People Who Desire A Higher Level Of Safety.

First, A Car Immobilizer Makes It Impossible For A Thief To Start The Vehicle Without The Key, Which Helps To Prevent The Practice Of Hot Wiring. Immobilizers Are Typically Already Installed In More Recent Models Of Automobiles, But For Older Models, Aftermarket Versions Are Available For Purchase.

A Steering Wheel Lock Is Yet Another Item That Can Be Purchased By You. This Kind Of Device Can Be Fastened To The Steering Wheel Of Your Vehicle And Will Render It Inoperable Until The Wheel Is Unlocked. A Steering Wheel Lock Can Be An Effective Deterrent For Auto Thieves Because It Makes Stealing Your Vehicle More Difficult And, As A Result, Increases The Likelihood That They Will Be Caught.

Make Sure That Your Automobile Is Adequately Covered By Insurance.

The Seven Suggestions That Were Shown Above Can Assist You In Maintaining The Security Of Your Vehicle And Valuables, As Well As Preventing Burglars From Making Off With Your Vehicle. Regrettably, There Are Very Few Preventative Measures That Are Completely Foolproof, Which Is Why It Is Essential To Have A Backup Plan.

With A Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy, You Can Rest Assured That You Will Be Paid For Any Loss Incurred In The Event That Your Vehicle Is Damaged Or Stolen.

Every Year, Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Have Their Automobiles Stolen, And An Even Greater Number Have Stuff Taken From Their Vehicles Or Have Their Vehicles Themselves Damaged. Taking Even Just A Few Basic Safety Precautions Will Help Safeguard Your Vehicle From Theft And Prevent Potential Thieves.

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