Teddi Mellencamp On Lisa Rinna’s “Additional Anger”

At A Charity Event That Could Only Be Described As Hell, Lisa Rinna Yelled At Sutton Stracke In Front Of The Entire Audience.

Because Of The Level Of Intensity Of The Debate, The Host, Dorit Kemsley, Was Compelled To Call A Halt To The Discussion In Order To Make Room For An Unexpected Musical Guest.

When Melissa Etheridge Started Strumming Her Guitar, The Cast Of “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Suddenly Changed From Yelling To Shedding Tears Of Happiness.

It Was A Very Unusual Transition. After The Vocalist Had Done, Lisa Explained To The Other Members Of The Group That The Loss Of Her Mother Was The Impetus Behind Her Outburst.

Teddi Mellencamp, A Former Cast Member Of The Show, Discussed Lisa’s Contentious Reaction In An Episode Of Her Podcast Titled “Two Ts In A Pod.”

She Began By Expressing Her Condolences To The 59-Year-Old Man, Whose Mother Had Recently Passed Away As A Result Of Having A Stroke.

“I Haven’t Had Someone Immediate Pass Away Either,” Teddi Told Heavy, “But Back At The Beginning Of My And [My Husband] Edwin’s Relationship When I First Started Having Kids, When We Were Having Troubles, I Took It Out On Everyone As Well As Myself, And Beat Myself Up.”

Despite This, Teddi Was Not Endorsing Lisa’s Behavior In Any Way.

When We Say That We Empathize With Rinna, I Don’t Believe That We Are Implying That We Believe What She Did Was Appropriate. But In Addition To That, I Don’t Understand Why None Of The Other Women Said Anything To The Effect Of “Rinna, Enough!” “It’s Clear That You’re Going Through Something At The Moment; Come On, Let’s Go,” Teddi Remarked.

Then, Teddi Discussed Her View That Lisa’s Wounds Were Caused By The Other Cast Members’ Failure To “Reach Out” To Her Following The Death Of Her Mother.

“I Think Also The Problem Is That She Has Additional Resentment That None Of These Women Reached Out To Her About Her – Like All You Are Seeing Is What’s Happening On Camera, There’s Like No Extra ‘how Are You Doing Since Your Mom,’ I Think That’s Also What She’s Pissed About.

“I Think Also The Problem Is That She Has Additional Resentment That None Of These Women Reached Out To Her About Her. Teddi Offered An Explanation, Saying, “And It’s Just Pouring Out In Really Jacked Up Ways.”

In A Previous Episode Of The Podcast, Teddi Compared Lisa Vanderpump, Who Had Suffered The Loss Of Her Brother In 2018, To Lisa Rinna (And Was Accused Of Orchestrating An Attack On One Of Her Co-Stars).

During The Episode That Aired On August 18, Teddi Stated, “I Do Know That [Rinna’s] Relationship With Her Mom Is Quite Strong.” [Rinna’s] Relationship With Her Mother Is Extremely Strong.

“I Do Know The Fact That We Did Not Give Lisa Vanderpump Grace After Her Brother Passed Away, And We Didn’t Even Know That She Had A Brother, She Had No Relationship With Him, Didn’t Speak To Him, And We Got Killed For Not Giving Her Grace,”

The Speaker Said. “I Do Know The Fact That We Did Not Give Her Grace After Her Brother Passed Away.”

After Some Time, Vanderpump Criticized The Recent Comments On Twitter, And Teddi Eventually Issued An Apology For Her Behavior.

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