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Transformers transmit electrical energy from one electric circuit to another without changing the frequency and employ principles of electromagnetic induction. They are installed and utilized in almost every industry, especially where Alternating Current (AC) electrical energy is employed. Looking for an excellent range of transformers offering high-performance power delivery? We are here for you to procure, install and service transformers of all voltage and MVA classes. Our transformer team can develop an installation plan to assure all transformers are operated appropriately, and full records are maintained to keep your plant in good operational condition.

What is the Purpose of a Transformer?

Electric transformers are a structural part both in domestic and industrial sectors. Different types of transformers are utilized to step-up or step- down the voltage for various devices. Our top-class quality transformers use two coils of wire, each with hundreds or thousands of turns, wrapped securely around a metal core. One coil is for the incoming coil sets up a rotating magnetic field in the core that creates an alternating current in the outgoing coil. They don’t affect the total electrical power in any way. According to your type of industrial application, you can choose the best-suited transformer to execute the functions efficiently.

How Do Electrical Transformers Work?

Keep in mind that transformers don’t produce electrical power; they only transmit electrical power from one AC circuit to another utilizing magnetic coupling. It has no moving parts and is a thoroughly static reliable state device that covers under normal functioning conditions. As our transformer consists of two or more coils of insulated wire wound on laminated steel or metalcore, when voltage is introduced to one coil, it magnetizes the iron coil.

A voltage is then instigated in the other coil or output coil. The swift change in voltage or voltage ratio between the primary and secondary relies on the turns ratios of these two coils. With our rich expertise and industry knowledge, we can provide consistency, quality magnetic components and ensure durable transformers to our esteemed customers.

Types of Transformer Services Available

We thrive to offer an on-site estimation of transformer insulation and winding resistance, dielectric absorption, power factor, and transformer turn ratios.

Transformer Installation: We have the experience to install all types of power distribution tools and can undertake cabling up to 66kV. Our team of experts can also relocate your transformer; place it from one site to another, then execute all necessary tests to make sure 100% desired and satisfactory functions.

Transformer Cabling: Our team has extensive transformer cabling experience and knowledge. We have the necessary skills in the domain of installing, terminating, and joining power cables from low voltages up to the maximum level of 66kV for the suited frequency level. The employment of substantial calculations and schematics is vital to offering the most efficient approach to the necessary design criteria.

Busbar Trunking System: We ensure systems to distribute electric power utilizing aluminium or copper busbar with satisfactory enclosures and great amount of protection to prevent the cables from getting impaired because of foreign elements. Traditional cables will soon be eliminated completely and busbars will continue to become important in the electrical distribution industry.

Transformer Testing: Our experts will provide routine and site testing on all transformers efficiently to uncover an issue before your unit fails. We specialize in delivering impulse tests, short circuit tests, and temperature increase tests. These testings are executed on a variety of distribution and power transformers. It is the perfect way to reduce unwanted outages in your transformers.

Acquire Durable & Effective Transformers

We are trusted to install power transformers in different industries that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Our transformer team ensures to provide installation and repair services with reliable maintenance and onsite observation services. It involves a wide variety of electrical working and 24 hours of transformer inspection and testing.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority to build trust and long-term relationships with clients based in different industries while providing competitive pricing with proficient services. If you’re looking for durable and effective transformers, our transformers are an ideal option available at cost-effective rates.

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