10 Amazing Discoveries About Aliens

In December 2020, experts claimed capturing a mystery beam of energy at 980 mhz from our nearest star. 4.2 light-years away is Proxima Centauri.

Scientists were excited and skeptical when they heard there might be life in Venus' upper clouds in September 2020.

Cigar-shaped object spotted in solar system two years ago. Most believe 'Oumuamua is an interstellar comet from another star.

Many Earthlings don't worry about ambiguous alien proof. They believe technological beings have visited us many times, citing UFOs and alien encounters.

Ocean worlds could be everywhere in the Milky Way.

If insects on Earth breathe hydrogen, maybe alien life forms do too.

It's possible that life could exist around a black hole.

We may not be the only ones searching for extraterrestrials. Researchers identified 1,004 neighboring stars that could detect life on Earth in October 2020.

Death follows life. We like to think our galaxy is alive with modern beings capable of contacting us, yet all cultures rise and fall, so many galactic societies certainly died long ago.