We've included a list of work-from-home possibilities for parents, along with the median wage from Salary and a link to available flexible employment that are hiring.

1. Customer Service Representative

Home-based customer service jobs exist. Workers that can answer phones, help clients, and accomplish administrative responsibilities will be qualified. You'll need a quiet home office and computer skills. Median Pay: $37,907 

2. Data Entry Specialist

Median Pay: $35,833 Data entry is a common career for stay-at-home parents since you may work while your kids sleep or are in school. Many parents already have the keyboarding and detail-oriented skills needed for data entry jobs.

3. Recruiting Coordinator

It's possible that a career in recruiting could be right up your alley if you appreciate helping others land new jobs. Recruitment coordinators often assist HR workers in reviewing resumes, conducting background checks, conducting interviews, and onboarding new employees. Median Pay: $45,485 

Proofreaders have a keen eye for detail and may catch even the tiniest of errors. As a remote proofreader, your responsibilities will include checking for consistency, formatting, factual accuracy, and grammar, among other things. Median Pay: $43,126 

4. Proofreader

5. Writer / Blogger

5. Writer / Blogger

The average salary is $48,732. Parenting topics are of interest to many media and internet services. Use your parenting experience as motivation to be paid to write. Contribute to a parenting website, social media platforms, or other publications. Alternatively, contribute based on your financial management knowledge or career goal. Profit from your storytelling abilities!

6. Transcriptionist

Median Pay: $32,861 Stay-at-home parents can find remote, part-time, and flexible transcription jobs. Transcriptionists transcribe written or spoken content, edit reports, and correct errors. Most jobs require at least 75 wpm typing speed.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help individuals and teams with administrative tasks. Your responsibilities may include managing email and social media, keeping calendars, coordinating travels and meetings, and organising events. Virtual assistant jobs can be part-time or full-time and pay hourly or a set income. Median Pay: $38,478

8. Online Teacher / Tutor

Median Pay: $43,476 on average As a parent, you've probably taught your child how to read, helped them with their arithmetic homework, and prepared them for life's challenges. Since you're already spending time learning, why not turn that knowledge into a source of income?

9. Accounting Clerk

Median Pay: $38,500 Accounting clerks manage financial records, reconcile bank statements, compile reports, and process transactions. Often required: bookkeeping, data entry, and text processing. Full-time or freelance remote accounting clerk jobs are common.

10. Graphic Designer

Median Pay: $43,275 Digital and visual designers can find flexible, work-from-home jobs. In a graphic design career, you might develop logos or commercials, help design a website, or make signage, brochures, or other materials.