$400 million will rebrand Burger King. Here look at Changes

Business Insider claims that Burger King hopes to become one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States.

Burger King has been working on its branding and image for years, but its current rebranding drive has caught the restaurant industry by storm due to its money and scope.  

Burger King will invest $400 million over the course of two years in "Reclaim the Flame." $150 million will go into advertising and digital costs, while the remaining $250 million will be used for other purposes.

On restaurant furnishings, renovations, and shop moves. We think this is the ideal time to make a sizable investment.

To expedite the job given the quality of the team, the focus of the plan, and the dedication of our Franchisees.

With premium branding, Burger King hopes to reinvent their flame-grilled Whopper. They are also developing a portfolio of chicken sandwiches.

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