A Rhode Island Minimum Wage Worker Would Need To Work 79 Hours Per Week To Afford A Modest Two-Bedroom Apartment In New England

Rhode Island's Two-Bedroom Rent Is $1,264. Rent And Utilities Shouldn't Exceed 30% Of A Household's Income To Be Considered Affordable.

According To The Analysis, A Household Would Need $4,215 Monthly And $50,579 Annually. Newport-Middleton-Portsmouth Rents May Demand A Greater Income.

There Has Been No Change In The Federal Minimum Wage Since 2009, While The State Minimum Wage Is $12.25.

A Minimum Wage Person Would Need Two Full-Time Jobs Or 66 Hours Per Week To Finance A Modest $1,045 One-Bedroom Apartment.

The Rhode Island Legislature Adopted A $15-Per-Hour Minimum Wage In 2021, But It Won't Take Effect Until 2024.

Experts Say This Is A Step In The Right Direction, But It Won't Keep Up With Escalating Housing Costs.

Nlihc Researches And Advocates For Affordable Housing.

This Revelation Comes Amid Record-High Inflation And Soaring Rental Expenses.

Families, Seniors, And Individuals Are Being Priced Out Of Their Homes And Neighborhoods By Rising Rents.