Jenn Recounted The Remarkable Story Of The Couple's Secret Wedding, Which Included A Picture Of Ben Kissing The New Wife!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in a secret ceremony, and she revealed the details. Hers Jennifer Lopez announced the wedding in her email on July 16. We succeeded. Beautiful. Kindness characterizes love. Love is patient. Twenty years waiting," she wrote about the wedding, which is pictured here.

This is the love story of a lifetime: Jen and Ben's. During the production of Gigli in 2002, the couple began dating. They made their romance public not long after.

The romance between the two stars quickly became the talk of the town, earning them the distinction of being the first famous couple to be given the label "Bennifer." Ben proposed with a $2.5 million pink diamond ring in November of 2022.

The pair unexpectedly scrapped their nuptials as their excitement rose. Couple: "Due to the increased media attention around our wedding, we have decided to postpone our wedding date." J.Lo and Ben had been divorced since the beginning of the year.

When Bennifer and Jennifer reunited nearly two decades after they broke up, they were dubbed "Bennifer 2.0." In July of the following year, Jennifer posted a photo of the two of them kissing passionately while celebrating her 52nd birthday.

After a year of dating, Ben proposed in April 2022 with a $5 million green, diamond ring on his knee, as they decided to give it another shot.

It would appear that there are opportunities for do-overs in one's life. Congratulations to the new bride and groom!