CM Punk Critiques Penguins during an AEW Press Conference

Over the past 15 years, CM Punk has been one of the biggest names in wrestling.

But it seems like he lets the Pittsburgh Penguins stay in his head for free.

Punk went on a crazy rant about the Penguins as he left an AEW press conference.

Punk focused on former Penguins player Ron Francis despite mentioning Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

Punk, a Chicago native, can't get past the 1992 Stanley Cup Final.

The Penguins swept the Blackhawks in 1992. Last game's winner was Francis.

Tensions have been high in and out of the ring with the AEW Champion.

As tensions rise, Punk needs to vent, and the Penguins were caught in the crossfire.