During their first call since Queen Elizabeth II's death, President Biden told King Charles III he wants a "close relationship" moving forward. Biden will attend her funeral.

Biden called to "offer his condolences" and "remembered fondly the Queen's kindness and hospitality"

Biden "expressed his desire to maintain a close relationship with the King" and "expressed the American people's admiration for the Queen, whose dignity and constancy have deepened the U.S.-U.K. friendship."

Charles III's environmental and anti-global warming activity aligns with Biden's efforts to expand government backing for green-energy programs.

Biden called to "express his condolences" and "remembered warmly the Queen's generosity and hospitality"

Biden will reportedly arrive at the chapel in his own presidential vehicle. Early reports indicated world leaders would be bused to the site.

It's unclear why it took nearly a week for Biden and Charles III to talk on the phone.

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