Saving For A House Is Difficult. Cut The Pair In Half, And A Down Payment And Other Home Buying Costs Appear Insurmountable - But They're Not.

Single Income Home Saving Is Tough. The Process Demands Discipline, Dedication, And Perseverance, But Single-Income Earners May Become Homeowners.

Start With A Timetable That Is Based On Reality.

Start With A Timetable That Is Based On Reality.

With Only One Income, You May Be Tempted To Work Double-Time To Speed Up Your Home Buying. One Person Doing The Work Of Two Isn't Sustainable.

It Is Important That The Deadline Is Attainable, But It Should Still Provide A Challenge.

If You're Saving Alone, You Won't Have Somebody To Keep You Focused When Your Motivation And Self-Restraint Fail. Even The Most Diligent Saver Isn't As Trustworthy As A Computer.

Do Yourself A Favor And Set Up Your Savings To Run Automatically.

When You Get Money, You Think About Everything You Couldn't Afford Before. If You're Saving For A House On Your Own, Throw Away Any Extra Thoughts.

If You're Saving For A Down Payment On Your Own, You May Be Tempted To Invest Your Savings. Depending On The Danger, That's A Good Idea, But Always Defend The Principal.

Single-Income Home Saving Is Tough. Single-Income People Can Buy A Home With Discipline, Perseverance, And Tenacity.