Checking Your Credit Score Regularly Is Very Important For Your Financial Health. It Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your Financial Profile And Shows How Well You Can Handle Credit.

As soon as you use credit for the first time, your CIBIL score is made. This score comes from your credit report and how you've used credit in the past.

It shows how good of a borrower you are and is needed by lenders to evaluate new loan applications.

You may do a credit score check with the PAN details as it is associated with your financial accounts.

You can count on the official CIBIL credit score check to give you accurate information. Here are the steps you need to take to check your credit score for free.

Step 1: Go to the CIBIL website and look for the section called "Self Service." Click on the link that comes after the words "To get your free CIBIL score and report every year,"

Step 2: Fill out the form with the necessary information.

Step 2: Fill out the form with the necessary information.

Step 3: Choose "Income Tax ID Number" as the type of ID and enter your PAN below.

Step 4: Fill out the form and move on to the next part to prove who you are.

Step 5: Make an account and log in to see your free CIBIL score on your dashboard.

As was already said, you can only use this free credit check once a year. You should also get your CIBIL score report so you can get a full picture of your credit profile.