The "White Lotus" star went viral for dancing to the song that interrupted her award speech. NBC/Emmys 2022

Twitter users called Coolidge a "national treasure" who should "rule the globe"

Twitter: @MichaelJStern1 "Just when you think you can't love @JENCOOLIDGE any more, she does this."

Twitter posts by Jackée Harry The person who played @JENCOOLIDGE should go straight to jail. But thank you also for giving us that cute dance."

In July, it was announced that Coolidge was nominated for her first Emmy. The next month, she talked about the award.

Jennifer Coolidge "My friends are stunned this happened. Long ago, my life took a definite path. I fear overanalyzing will spoil it.

Recent court filing clarified Golf  player suspensions & media rights

The Moon mission by NASA was postponed.