Kim Kardashian is "not happy" about Kanye West's childish response to her breakup with Pete Davidson.

West celebrated his ex-first wife's public relationship following their divorce by publishing a false New York Times headline: "Skete Davidson Dead at 28."

The rapper and designer used "Skete" to insult the comedian.

The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians "requested West to take down the post multiple times."

In the meantime, a Kardashian source informed that the request was more of a demand.

After four hours, West withdrew the message, which criticized Kid Cudi.

According to the latter publication, Kardashian "won't get back with Kanye over how he's treated her loved ones."

She has worked very hard to make sure the kids have a good time with both parents.

She will not tolerate his disrespectful behavior.

The breakup, which reportedly happened early in the week, was reported on Friday.