ITR filing for AY 2021-2022: The deadline for salaried employees and individuals whose accounts don't need to be audited to file their Income Tax Returns for FY 2021-2022 is July 31.

But many people are afraid to file their taxes without Form 16 because they think it will be too hard.

Tax experts say that you can file an ITR even without Form 16. "For salaried people, filing an ITR is usually tied to Form 16.

Most people think that you can't file an ITR without form 16. If certain conditions are met, a tax return can be filed even without form 16.

What’s in Form 16?

What’s in Form 16?

Form 16 has information about the gross salary, tax-free allowances, interest on a home loan, and deductions from Chapter-VIA.

Form 16 also tells you how much of your income is taxable, how much tax you paid on that income, and how much TDS was taken out.

What Do You File Itr If You Don't Have Form 16?

What Do You File Itr If You Don't Have Form 16?

In most cases, Form 16 is given to all salaried workers by their employers. However, in some cases, you might not get Form 16.

In such instances, you can still complete your ITR using payslips to determine salary, exemptions, and deductions.

Also, Form 26AS can be used to find out how much TDS the employer takes out of the gross salary.

One should get all of their pay stubs for the whole year, download their 26AS statement, and check to see if their salary and TDS match up with their form 26 AS.

If it's the same, then gather all the information about tax-saving investments and expenses made during the year and file your ITR."