New Jersey's greatest sunflower maze.

Visitors to Liberty Farm in Sussex County will find a surprise concealed in a sea of a million bright sunflowers.

It's the largest sunflower maze on the East Coast and the country's first.

The 50-acre property in Sandyston, NJ, is 10 miles from the Delaware River Water Gap.

Inside is a complex maze that spells out a new message each year, attracting thousands of tourists. Message: "Pray for world peace."

Raj Sinha, his wife, son, and father-in-law unveil their sunflower maze annually since 2012.

The farm has 50 varieties of sunflowers, including yellow, pink, red, and "Teddy Bear" sunflowers.

Guests may also see a Monarch butterfly, which has built its home on the farm and has been listed as an endangered species.