Penalties For Using A Fuel-Saving Technique, Drivers Warned

Driving in neutral or with the clutch depressed is known as coasting according to the Highway Code. Drivers are cautioned against using this tactic because it reduces their driving control.

Coasting reduces engine braking, increasing downhill speed. Overuse can damage the footbrake. Reduced steering responsiveness in curves and turns.

Choosing the proper equipment may be more difficult. She towed her neighbor's car after he continued to park in her spot.

The couple relocated to a building with "extra cost" parking spaces. Unfortunately, a neighbor parked in the spot they'd reserved.

Improper vehicle control is punishable by a £1,000 fine or disqualification. The fine for driving a bus, coach, or HGV is £2,500.

Drivers are advised to avoid car damage. Consistent coasting wears out the brakes. The engine brakes disengage in neutral, increasing reliance on the mechanical brakes.

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