Python's Bite Is Far Deadlier Than Originally Thought

After being bitten by a coastal carpet python, Aman remarked that the bite was "beyond the snake's powers."

Snake catcher and wildlife conservator Kane Durrant was bitten after a road rescue. His wrist was sliced open by a snake bite.

Durrant told Newsweek that it felt like a knife was cutting off his wrist. "About six feet of blood came out of my artery, which was scary."

In Australia and New Guinea, carpet pythons can reach lengths of up to 13.1 feet. They rarely bite unless provoked because they are non-venomous pets.

In an Instagram post, Durrant said that once the snake was removed from his arm, he gave himself first aid since he was "injured beyond the capacity of the species" and required emergency surgery.

He documented his injuries and recovery on social media after the assault. The wounds still look fresh, even a year later.

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