Reaction In Sports To Texas A&M Video

Due to a leaked video from Midnight Yell practice, Texas A&M is being dragged through the mud even deeper. As if the loss against Appalachian State wasn't bad enough.

The Aggies' situation has worsened dramatically thanks to this video, which has since been taken from Twitter but can be viewed

In it, a Yell Leader mocks Appalachian State University as a "hillbilly school" and says some Mountaineer players "can't read."

People on social media have called attention to a number of extra ignorant and stereotypical statements in the video.

In addition, many are taking advantage of the situation to mock the A&M Yell Leader for the blowback his remarks have produced.

Despite this, the Aggies do not have much time to reflect on prior errors. On Saturday night, they will play host to the thirteenth-ranked Miami Hurricanes.

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