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Kyle Richards has learned a lot from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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In an August 1 interview, she said she "had no clue" becoming a reality star "would be this hard."

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Remember to "always be true to yourself," as Kyle said.

Pic Credit @kylerichards18 Instagram

Kyle admitted to having periods of inauthenticity when she first joined RHOBH.

Kyle stated she'd want to perform a Below Deck crossover with "all the housewives" and mentioned Lenny Kravitz as her celebrity crush.

She revealed her most expensive possession is a diamond her mother gave her and called RHOSC a "guilty pleasure."

Kyle chose Teddi Mellencam as the former RHOBH cast member she'd want to see return.

Kyle also discussed Jamie Lee Curtis' cameo on the show.

Jamie was surprised by the women's actions but made a lovely gesture after filming.

Kyle said that she will eventually say, "This is too much," and quit the show.