Erika Jayne Yelled At Garcelle Beauvais' 14-Year-Old Son At Her 55th Birthday Party. Her Reply Followed A Warning For Flirting With Garcelle's Married Son.

Garcelle Forgiven Erika When She Confessed And Admitted Mixing Alcohol And Medication. Everything Was Ok... Until The Episode Aired.

Erika's Behavior Angered Many Viewers, Who Slammed Any Of Her Co-Stars Who Tried To Express Empathy For Her.

Singer And Co-Star Sutton Stracke Opened Up About The Tumult In An Interview With Us Weekly.

“I’ve said this before, Garcelle is a very gracious person,” said the fashion boutique owner. “I think she may have let off a little bit too easily.”

In a July 11 interview with the same outlet, Garcelle also addressed the situation. “It’s unfortunate that that had to happen,” she said. “But he’s good. He’s good.”

The Actress Said It Was "Difficult" To Watch Her Son In The Drama. Garcelle: "That's Crossing The Line." "Yes"

Sutton Herself Indicated A Double Standard. If She Had Done It, She'd Still Be Punished. "These Ladies Wouldn't Have Forgotten"

Sutton Went On To Discuss Erika's Behavior In Relation To The Drinking As Well.

Some Followers Find The Idea Of Sutton Addressing "Trust" Amusing Since They Believe She Is Untrustworthy.