On Saturday, One Fighter In A Welterweight Match At Ufc 277 Didn't Make Weight. When Orion Cosce Fought "Blood Diamond" Mike Mathetha, He Was 1.5 Pounds Too Heavy, So There Was A Catchweight.

Both Cosce And Blood Diamond, Who Had Been Scheduled For Fights Twice Before, Were Looking For Their First Ufc Victory.

After They Touched Gloves, Both Fighters Moved To The Middle Of The Ring. Blood Diamond Kicked Low To Start The Fight, And Then Cosce Kicked High.

Blood Diamond Kicked And Blocked Cosce's Hook. Diamond Halted Cosce's Attack. Cosce Pinched Diamond.

After Two Minutes, Diamond Beat Cosce. Diamond Got Away From Cosce's Plan To Trip Him Up. Cosce Took Him Down Again, And This Time He Held Him Inside.

With One Minute Left, Diamond Stood Up. Cosce's Belly-To-Back Suplex Didn't Do Much. At The End Of The Round, Both Competitors Were In The Octagon.

Cosce Backed Blood Diamond. They Reversed After 20 Seconds. Cosce Landed A Clinch Elbow In The Second.

Blood Diamond Got Away And Started To Body Kick. There Was Only Two Minutes Left, And Both Men Looked Tired. Cosce Was Hit And Kicked By Blood Diamond. During The Break, Diamond Hurt Cosce With A Spinning Back Fist.

Blood Diamond Ran And Body Kicked. Both Men Looked Fatigued With Two Minutes Left. Blood Diamond Attacked Cosce. During The Interval, Diamond Backfist Cosce.

As Round Three Began, Both Fighters Were Moving Slowly. Blood Diamond Answered Cosce's Punch With One Of His Own. Cosce Again Pushed Diamond Against The Fence And Then Took Him Down.